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2018.09 - 2019.05

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Smooth, collaborative audio video conferences

Feishu's audio/video conferencing is deeply integrated with Chat, Calendar and Docs to support high-quality audio/video conferences anytime, anywhere.

The stable multi-party connection, easy-to-use livestreaming and powerful.

Multiple Equiment Connection

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2018 - 2019

One-click screen sharing

During an audio/video conference, anyone can directly share conference materials from their screen, allowing everyone to effectively participate in the discussion and interact remotely in real time.

Quick audio・video calls from Chat


Fully integrated with Chat, the audio/video conferencing allows you to make high-quality audio and video calls at any h3oint during a one-on-one or group chat to ensure convenient communication.Just click a meeting invitation or create a chat group from your calendar and you're on your way.

Mobile Phone

Stable multi-party connection

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Horizontal View



Team Cooperation

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Online Office

Take your office with you

You can easily start or join an audio/video conference from your computer or cell and seamlessly switch between multiple devices, providing versatile options for convenient business travel.

View Room ・Contorller

Regardless of the network quality, you can always boost your team's productivity and improve the meeting experience with video calls that enable stable connection among as many as 100 parties, whether you are working with mobile devices or PCs.

April 04.2019


View Controller・

Scan code or log in with a Lark account for the View Room running on the Mac mini via the Lark mobile terminal.Then configure the conference room.

The configuration is completed and the matching code stage is entered.

View Room Design Proposal

Multiple Devices


Real Time State

Equipment Control

Real Object

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Design Style


View Controller・

Click on the iPad to start an immediate meeting and enter the interface of the control items in the meeting. At the same time, Room will display the video screen of the meeting.

On the initialization interface of Mac mini-View Room, guide IT administrator to open the View Room Controller of iPad mini to match.



The IT administrator opens the Mac mini, connects the mouse and keyboard, clicks View Room to open the App, and enters the initialization interface.

View Room・Mac Mini

The PC side performs the local screen operation through the Lark client, and the participant's equipment is cast to the Room.