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Mark My Life

Darkmode Design Proposal

As an APP that records the user's life community, Xiaohongshu focuses on the mining of user content production and the creation of community atmosphere.

Optimizes the dark mode and Android platform device experience to provide a better quality content production experience.

Launch Project



Smooth, collaborative audio

Video conferences

Feishu's audio/video conferencing is deeply integrated with Chat, Calendar and Docs to support high-quality audio/video conferences anytime, anywhere.

The stable multi-party connection, easy-to-use livestreaming and powerful screen sharing make it easy to communicate and collaborate in real time.

Launch Project



Smartisan OS 6.6.6

Mobile Phone Application

Smartisan OS 6.6.6 is derived from the simple, efficient and beautiful Smartisan OS mobile phone operating system. It will bring you an unprecedented large-screen control experience, which is far more efficient than traditional desktop systems.

Considering both efficiency and expandability, the design style is lightweight, the interactive way of sliding the operation bar is adjusted, and the picture quality is improved.